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Euro handle – locking device

In 2014, Don-Komplekt LLC agreed and approved the Technical Specifications (TU 2291-002-65418822-2014) for a new type of locking device – euro-handles (popularly known as “latch-handles”). Their key features are reusable, convenient and safe use.

After going on sale, euro-handles were included in the complete set of electrical cabinets and hatches for plumbing and revision purposes. In the fire industry, handles have become an alternative to zip locks on fire cabinets.

Euro-pens manufactured by Don-Komplekt LLC are made of durable plastic, resistant to high and low temperatures, mechanical and other damage. The device of the euro-handle ensures the safety of technical equipment inside the cabinet in accordance with the requirements of FZ-123 and SP 10.13130.2009. As a rule, they are installed on cabinet doors made of sheet material (steel, plastic, etc.).

Branded euro-pens “Don-Komplekt” come in two colors: gray or black with buttons (tongues) of signal red. When ordering a bulk consignment from 10,000 pcs. it is possible to manufacture handles with a color scheme at the request of the customer.


The procedure for using locking devices for fire cabinets


According to GOST R 51844-2009 itself:

5.12 Doors of the fire cabinet (module) must have structural elements for sealing and fixing them in the closed position, allowing the cabinet to be safely opened in emergency cases within no more than 15 s.

When every second counts, a zip lock prevents access to firefighting equipment. Stages of opening a fire cabinet with a zip lock:

1) Break the glass (there are not always tools at hand like a hammer or other blunt heavy object. You have to hit it with your hands, despite the risk of injury from the fragments).

2) Pull the key out of the recess (wrench hole diameter ~ 80 mm, it may be difficult to remove).

3) Remove the seal.

4) Open the door with the key.


You can use a cabinet with euro-handles three (!) Times faster: just pull the handle button to open the door – the seal will be removed by itself.

The Euro-handle produced by Don-Komplekt LLC, unlike the models of other manufacturers, has a special hole for sealing it, which also meets the fire safety requirements.


Watch the video:


The operational life of the postal lock and euro-pen

Fire cabinets and their contents are checked at least 2 times a year (in spring and autumn) in accordance with: GOST R 51844, NPB 151-2000, FZ 123 (technical regulations, art. 4, 107). In this case, every time you check a FS with a postal lock, you need to break and replace the protective glass. At the same time, the average service life of postal locks is 5 years, and the warranty period is only 2 years.

The established service life of the euro-handle is at least 20 years – this is more than 1000 working cycles without jamming, failures and unnecessary costs of money and time.

Keys are often lost. In an emergency, if the key is not in place, it will be almost impossible to get the fire extinguishing equipment out of the steel cabinet. Since euro-handles do not include a lock cylinder, they are opened and closed using a locking mechanism, without requiring replacement of components after use.


How to buy plastic snap handles?

It is easy to coordinate the delivery of euro pens. Write a request to the managers of Don-Komplekt LLC by e-mail or call the multichannel phone: 8 (863) 320-11-60.

Euro-pens are always available in a warehouse in Bataysk on Sovkhoznaya street 4 for self-pickup. Latch handles are packed, as a rule, in boxes of 190 pcs. in each.

If you are from a remote city, then you do not need to waste your time looking for the best way to deliver your order. We will take care of this. We offer delivery by transport companies, containers by rail. We will deliver the goods to the terminals of the shopping mall free of charge.

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