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Sprinklers and control units

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Sprinklers and control units: automatic fire extinguishing

Every enterprise, organization, institution must be equipped with fire-fighting equipment, as prescribed by law. However, in an emergency, it is not possible to use a fire extinguisher or use sand in all areas. Automatic fire extinguishing systems will help to cope with hot spots of fire in hard-to-reach or cluttered places. They will save the situation if there is no one in the building at the time of the fire.

What are automatic fire extinguishing systems
The operation of these installations is based on the ability to independently extinguish a fire without human intervention. Structurally automatic systems include, first of all, sprinklers - devices that spray water in the event of a fire. Models of 2 types are available:

Sprinkler sprinklers. They are equipped with a thermal lock, due to which they instantly react to changes in environmental parameters and supply liquid when the temperature rises. They are used in separate areas with a high risk of fire and a large crowd of people.

Deluge sprinklers. They do not have temperature-controlled elements, therefore they are activated manually or remotely. Among the advantages is the ability to extinguish the flame at once on the entire object. In addition, unlike the first type, they can be used at t below 5 ° C.

Any self-operating system is equipped with a control unit. Intelligent equipment recognizes a fire hazard, activates the release of the extinguishing agent and controls its distribution. These devices are also of sprinkler and deluge type, to create a single working mechanism, they are completed with appropriate sprinklers.

Sprinklers and control units from Don-Komplekt LLC: experience of advanced technologies
The components of automatic fire extinguishing systems differ in a number of characteristics. For example, deluge installations are flooded and dry-pipe, sprinkler - water and air. The assortment of Don-Komplekt LLC includes all types of units and sprinklers made of high-quality materials in compliance with GOST.

It is difficult to understand the variety of fire extinguishing automation without preparation. Not sure which devices are right for your facility? Our experts will give detailed advice, tell you about the advantages and features of the systems operation, and help you make the right choice.

Sprinklers are, of course, the most important component of a fire extinguishing system, they are designed to localize fires and cool building structures. The sprinklers (sprinklers) are located under the ceiling and are characterized by the presence (sprinkler sprinklers) or the absence (drencher sprinklers) of a flask that responds to an increase in temperature.

Sprinklers are mounted using a welded socket or using a recessed mounting device (flat base, recessed).

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